Post Bariatric Body Contouring In India

Looking for Post Bariatric Body Contouring

Bariatric Surgery: When obesity emerges as a lifelong problem with no permanent cure with diet or medication, weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery might emerge as an option towards having wonderful long term results for weight and health. Bariatric surgery is major event in the life of patient on his weight loss journey. Bariatric surgery with disciplined aftercare offers great results for both weight and height.

What to expect after Bariatric Surgery?

If you are getting ready for bariatric surgery, you might be looking ahead to the post procedure results. After the bariatric surgery, you can expect to lose a lot of weight. The procedure will help improve your weight related medical conditions like sleep apnea or type 2 diabetes. About 95% of the patients report improvement in quality of life after the procedure.

How much weight will you lose?

You should discuss your expectations with your doctor. The loss of weight largely depends on the weight of the patient at the time of the surgery and the procedure chosen.

How will bariatric surgery help meet my dietary needs?

Following the weight loss surgery procedure, it is impossible to meet the dietary mineral and vitamin needs. Doctor will advise you about selection of food choices that will be healthier and nutritious. The target of post-procedure diet is to eliminate excess fats, carbohydrates, and sugars, and the amount you will be able to consume will be limited. Your doctor might also recommend you to buy your dietary supplements in the form of sublingual or chewable tablets or liquid form.

How much protein will I need daily?

Most patients need about 60-80 grams of protein daily but the patient’s requirements may vary depending upon their response to the procedure.

Is there any need to avoid caffeine after bariatric surgery?

It is good to avoid caffeine for first month after the surgery due to the sensitive area in your stomach. You need to consult your dietician or doctor about resuming caffeine.

What is the importance of adequate fluid intake after the bariatric surgery?

Dehydration is one of the common reasons for the patients for readmission to the hospital. It occurs when the body doesn’t get enough fluid. In order to keep the body functioning well, it is best to keep yourself hydrated. If you are making light colored urine 5-10 times a day, you are getting enough fluids required by your body.

How will patient’s regular medications change after the bariatric surgery?

Depending upon the type of procedure, absorption of prescription drugs may vary. In the immediate post operative period, you might need to avoid swallowing of pills so that they don’t get stuck. Your surgeon may recommend taking you regular medications in crushed, chewable, sublingual, liquid, or injectable form. Patients who suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes might experience a change to lower dose as the condition improves with change in weight.

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