All you wish to know about – Facelift in Punjab

Face Lift Plastic Surgery

All you wish to know about – Facelift in Punjab

Ageing can be depressing at times. Due to this, Best Facelift Clinic in Punjab have been opened in abundance to tackle this natural process. As the years advance, ageing signs become pretty evident on the face. Here Best Facelift Surgeon in Chandigarh is required to get the particular person out of depression, through the surgery, so that the ageing effects on the face could be reversed.

Facelift in Chandigarh might not be able to stop the ageing process but it can definitely improve the most visible signs of ageing. The options which are usually recommended by the Best Facelift Surgeon in Chandigarh are:

  1. Facelift in Chandigarh with liposuction or lipoinjection. Further liposuction could be for double chin as well as neck lift.
  2. Augmentation of softer tissues
  3. Facelift in Chandigarh could be further varied as:
    1.  Mini facelift – Here the excessive skin is removed and tightened but no re-arranging is done on under lying tissues. Major benefits of this surgery are, it’s painless, no amount of swelling is there, time of recovery is minute and the cost involved is almost one-third of traditional facelift.
    2.  Traditional facelift.
    3. SMAS facelift – It basically concentrates on deeper underlying tissue.
    4. Slift facelift or a stitch lift

Some pain medications are recommended by the Best Facelift Clinic in Punjab as there can be some mild pain and discomfort after the surgery, for few days. Routine life could be begun around 2 weeks of surgery and heavy exercise after 6 weeks or so. ask a mexican Best Facelift Surgeon in Chandigarh would always advice to wear bandage on the face, which would be removed after a week along with the stitches.

If you are looking to turn the clock back right on your face by means of Facelift in Punjab, its time to seek services at Tricity Institute of Plastic Surgery at Sector-34, Chandigarh. To discover more, visit:
Dr. Ankur Sood +91-9815844558
Dr. KD Aneja +91-9876611404
Dr. SS Makkar +91-9815717272

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