Janet Mahon, US

I am 53, now I am 35, lol. Just got my brow lift done. My friends & everyone is like WOW. Couldn’t have been possible without me coming to TIPS. I’m from US, thought it’ll be too overwhelming to get a brow lift in Chandigarh, far off (it’s in India). This was my first visit outside of US, so I was somewhat scared. However what a remarkable experience!!! Booked my flight, reached New Delhi (thats the capital), reached Chandigarh (45 mins by air), got picked up at the airport, got to the hotel.

Counseling and meeting first day – procedure done next day – recuperated for a while and I was ready to be back in less than a week. Energetic place, caring staff & the surgeon was unbelievably skilled, the minor pain I had initially that too disappeared in no time. And the kind of English skills, doesn’t get better than this. I am telling everyone here, “go to TIPS, it really fits”. Even if I count all the expenses done, that’s ¼ of just the procedure if I had to get it done here.

Stanley Curran, Norway

I’ll be frank here, simply didn’t want to get a surgery done because the thought of it being somewhat painful made me step back at the last moment. Isn’t it natural for anyone in my place? However, my husband kept telling me that it’ll not be that bad & I finally relented. 

And we chose TIPS for my face lift, which takes the crown here. For one the results were simply outstanding and did I really feel the pain? – even I am not sure. I guess it’s the experience of the doctor which works, how he completes the whole procedure with flawless precision. 

Even the time taken & cost were so very reasonable. I would say, even if I had to pay more to get such quality of service, I would have been really been happy to do that. Hats off to Dr. KD 

Belinda Goldman, UK

“It’s hard to believe the transformation I have gone through. I love looking at myself in the mirror. TIPS really changed my life. I was so at home when I was with them. My sister is the next one for sure.”

Rashid Aziz, Dubai

My baldness had always been a turn-off. Always wanted to get a hair transplant done however two main things – where to go? Where will it be most affordable? Did not want to compromise on quality & of course price should not hit the roof. By chance got to know about TIPS in Chandigarh, India. Asked one of my friends who lives in India to enquire. He found rave reviews in person from quite a few who he managed to speak to. And I myself am a fan now of TIPS. All done well beyond my expectations. And Steve who came from Denmark for his hair transplant and we both got it done the same day are new YOUNG friends. Cheers… 

Ragini Srivastava, India

“After the birth of my second child, I was always worried about my sagging breasts. Not that I was depressed, just that I had that confidence missing. I got breast lifts procedure done at TIPS – it really changed the way I look at myself. Thanks Dr. Ankur at TIPS”

Rachel Davis, Australia

“I was always wary of the cost of Liposuction. I knew I needed to get it done to get back to my best self. Fortunately, I bumped into TIPS while surfing on the Internet. Got the stuff done & you won’t believe the steal”

Mandeep and Nav, Australia

“Excellent Service From all Doctors and Staff. They ensured we were well informed and looked after. During our Initial Consultation, during stay snd post Surgery we were very Pleased and we were well treated. 
Dr. Ankur Sood is an Excellent Aesthetic Surgeon, who takes pride in his Work. My Husband and i Both had Liposuction and i have Corrective Surgery and we look Fabulous. He did an amazing Job. We both Highly Recommend his work.”

Simon Van Kewal, South Africa

“It gives me great Pleasure to give thanks to you all for what i hope to be a life Changing Experience.
with refer to BL & TT, i am still bit hesitant to comment but it does look Promising.. taking in consideration our consultants were done Telephonicaly at Large.
Having said that you have given your Best during this time span and everyones caring nature made our stay more comfortable.
You Guys are Absolute stars with a wonderful dipostion and certainely know how to make one feel good even she looks Dreadful (in my case).
Also thanks to your Amazing Staff who made me feel so special and not tha “pain” i was “

Imran, Nazneen and Adiv Khan

“With Each Passing Day, the love and Gratitude for you grow manifold, and your timely help has made everything as easy that the heart wishes for your Happiness and Success in all that you do, as you’r someone who deserve this and much more.”



  •   TIPS has the best team of cosmetic surgeons. I went through the nose surgery or rhinoplasty as i having a depressed tip and a broad nose and as a layman i was having 1000 questions and lots of things were running in my mind but when i met Dr. Ankur Sood, Dr. Aneja and Dr. Makkar, my mind came to rest and they have not created any hallucinations about the change and asked me to have a reasonable expectation which was a really positive point and i was all alone but they have accomodated me so well. From doctors to their staff, everyone was so helpful and accomodating that my surgery became a cakewalk for me, though postoperative time is difficult but still i have been through painless time just because of TIPs and for that i am really thankful to the team and i would highly recommend TIPs for cosmetic surgery as i have personally went from post to pillar for my nose but no help. Thankyou TIPs.

    thumb Shivangi Sharma

      I have never seen the height of morality I saw in TIPS. Everybody and every institute is just concerned about money. Everyone just want to get you in, no matter how, so that they can make more money. But in TIPS. I have seen the opposite. I met Dr SS Makkar and he explained everything to me. He even given me a very cheap option to solve my problem. I bought the product from some chemists shop and my 20,000 problem is solved in just 1000 rup. So the main aim of TIPS in not to make money but to solve the problems of others. This is what I call a true service.

    thumb Manvir Singh

      Great experience. Thanks to Dr. KD, Dr. Makkad and especially Dr. Ankur Sood for his cooperation.

    thumb G T
  •   I am delighted to write this review for TIPS. I called several doctors & hospitals in Delhi and Gurgaon and finally found TIPS. I talked to Dr. Ankur Sood prior to our meeting. Had consultation and surgery on the same day. He understood my concerns and was very helpful with everything. Staff is friendly as well. Now almost 4 weeks post surgery, I am happy with the results. A big shout- out to TIPS!

    thumb Deepak Bawa

      The best hospital of cosmetics surgery in India. This hospital is best hospital which i had ever seen. The staff was very humble and caring. It is having a good environmental living space. None other hospital can compete with this.

    thumb Mp Yadav

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