Micro-vascular Surgery

Micro Vascular Surgery in Chandigarh – Tricity Institute of Plastic Surgery (TIPS)

Reconstruction of complex wounds and defects took a paradigm shift with the advent of micro vascular surgery, which is the current standard of treatment. Microvascular surgery involves the transfer of tissues from a site distant from the wound site, from one’s own body and then joining/anastomosing the blood vessels.

There are many advantages of a microvascular surgery:

Firstly, it replaces like tissues with similar like tissues, so that the repair looks natural.
Secondly, there is less donor site morbidity cosmetically as well as functionally, as the tissues are taken from a hidden/ inconspicuous area, like the thigh or the back of trunk.
And lastly, it gives sufficient quantity of tissues to correct even large defects which might not be possible with tissues adjacent to the wound.

Microvascular surgery requires high end equipment like operating microscope and specialised instruments which are available at our institute. It also requires a team of dedicated and trained nursing and surgical staff.
Above all, the expertise of the surgeon is of paramount importance, as it entails surgery involving vessels that are sometimes as small as less than a millimetre in diameter.

Here at TIPS, we have a highly specialised team of doctors with over 30 years of combined expertise, as well as highly trained anaesthetic and surgical staff. We provide the patient with a safe, caring and comfortable surgical experience along with the best world class surgical treatment.