Gynaecomastia Male Breast Reduction Surgery

For men, large sized breasts can be quite embarrassing, Gynaecomastia surgery is the solution

Male breast enlargement or gynaecomastia does show up in some boys during puberty, which results in abnormally large sized breasts. This can lead to intense psychological problems where it becomes quite an embarrassment to wear body hugging clothes and above all removing clothes while going to a pool or enjoying a beach siesta. In some instances, during adult life too this issue is encountered. In most of the cases there is unrestricted increase in fat & glandular tissues invariably resulting in increase in breast size; in some people the nipple and areola also tend to become very prominent.

All these aberrations can be effectively dealt with by breast cosmetic surgery involving liposuction and excision of the glandular tissue.

Gynaecomastia Surgery : Operative & Post Operative

An incision is made on the edge of the lower half of the areola and the procedure involves removal of both the excessive fat & glandular tissues by Liposuction. This procedure is usually done under local or general anesthesia, and the patient can go home in a few hours after the operation. Stitches are removed after about 8-10 days and a compression garment needs to be worn for next 3 weeks or so for the skin to settle back.

Results after Male Breast Reduction Surgery


The results after Gynaecomastia surgery are long lasting. Accumulation of blood requiring aspiration or drainage, mild skin irregularities, depression of nipple area, temporary loss of sensations over the nipples are some of the minor complications that might occur in very small percentage of cases. These usually are short term and disappear in due course of time.


Planning to get a Gynaecomastia Surgery or Male Breast Surgery done?

Most of the men who are suffering the stigma of somewhat enlarged breasts need to treat this as any other disease for which treatment is available. One should not think of himself being a solitary case as such instances are quite abundant both in India and globally. At TIPS such cases are attended with highest empathy. All you need to do is to contact us and we can mutually decide on the best time to arrange a counseling session, so that the next steps can be planned. And quite obviously, any such interactions or your communication with us is treated as highly confidential.


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