Body Lift Sculpting Surgery

Body Lift gets you back in shape, as easy as it gets…

Sagging of the skin is a common side effect of weight loss. Body Lift is essentially a Body Contouringprocedure which aims to remove the excess skin from the concerned area. The procedure usually is good for lifting and tightening the loose or sagging skin from the buttocks, abdomen, hips, posterior thighs, outer thighs, and anterior thighs. The loose skin as well as the underlying fat tissue gets removed to lend the body a smooth and shapely appeal.

Who is a Good Candidate for Body Lift?

The patients who have lost a fair amount of weight are ideal candidates for body lift procedure. If a patient is in the process of losing weight and is still in the process of losing more, it is important to hold off on any contouring procedure until he/she has plateaued or achieved a relatively stable weight. Body Contouring Plastic Surgery is readily recommended for people who have maintained their ideal weight after massive weight loss and have stayed there for at least six months.

Body Lift: Preparing For the Surgery

In order to prepare for this body contouring surgery, you may be asked to:

• Seek a medical evaluation or lab testing as advised by your cosmetic surgeon.
• Provide a list of medications to rule out any contraindications.
• Smoking cessation.
• Avoid any blood thinners, anti-inflammatories, or herbal supplements.

Body Lift: Operative

This Body Surgery is performed under general Anesthesia or intravenous sedation. The excess skin between the incisions is removed. The incisions are brought together and closed. After the procedure has been performed, the patient is required to stay in wrapping to seek gentle pressure. One can start with normal activities in a day or two.

Body Lift: Postoperative

• Positioning: One needs to pay attention on the positioning for a week or two. Make no attempts to stretch or bend down. The tightness of the skin will disappear as soon as the healing process is complete. Change your position and walk around the house every few hours for active flow of blood.

• Dressings: An elastic abdominal binder is usually placed around the hips/abdomen after the surgery to apply gentle pressure. The dressing should be worn continuously for the recommended period. It helps you be comfortable without swelling.

• Tapes & Sutures: Moist tape is placed around the incision site to ensure protection and efficient healing. The replacement will be done by nurse for couple of days after the surgery

• Showering and Bathing: Sponge bath is recommended until shower or bathing is approved by the physician.

• Drains: Placement of drains is required to evacuate the fluid after the surgery to ensure fast healing. If a drain is placed, one needs to secure the bulb of the drain to the clothing or abdominal binder.

• Activities: After Body Lifting, it is important to avoid strenuous activities like brisk walking, lifting weights, stooping, and bending for nearly 1 to 2 months or as recommended by your cosmetic surgeon.

Results after Body Lift

The results of the body lift surgery are visible almost immediately. After the removal of the unwanted skin, this unique Body Sculpting procedure offers you the look that you have always desired for. It is imperative to follow the postoperative instructions to make the most of the procedure and get great results.

Planning to get Body Lift done?

Are you planning to undergo Body Lift? If you desire to seek a firmer and youthful body contour, body lift is apt to help you achieve your goals. The procedure helps to improve the tone and shape of the underlying tissue that gives support to the skin and fat. Before you decide on undergoing the procedure, you must have attained a relatively stable weight. You must have right motivation when considering Body Lift. Consider seeking an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon to seek answers to your queries about the procedure. TIPS is the right place to go to. The faculty is highly experienced and will guide you most suitably. All communications between you and us will be strictly confidential.