Liposuction in Punjab: TIPS in Chandigarh provides the best choice

No matter how strong and persistent the efforts are, shedding off the unwanted fat or getting rid of cellulite in certain parts of the body is next to impossible for certain people. As a solution to this particular problem, liposuction was developed. In order to effectively and safely remove unwanted body fat, a special technique in form of power-assisted liposuction was developed in the early 21st century.


Procedure followed in power-assisted liposuction in Punjab is as follows:

This treatment requires only local anesthesia, as the patient experiences little or no pain during the surgery which lasts up to 30 minutes to 1 hour. Post treatment aspirin is the only recommended recovery aid as the patient experiences minimal bruising and swelling. Recovery period varies up to 2 to 5 days depending on the amount of fat sucked out of the body. Results could be expected in few days as the skin continues to tighten around the area. As far as the desired final results are concerned, they could be seen in roughly 6 months time.

Benefits of power-assisted liposuction in Punjab:

One of the major benefits of power-assisted liposuction is that it allows the patient to have the procedure performed in sensitive areas such as the chin, neck, inner thighs and arms. Other liposuction techniques cannot handle this easily. It works well for both males as well as females, delivering consistent results. This procedure is further far less painful and the patient experiences less swelling and bruising. Due to the usage of local anesthesia the patient is not exposed to potential side effects of general anesthesia.

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Get your Nose Reshaped with – Rhinoplasty in Punjab

Many a times, men and women are unhappy with the shape of their nose and wish to have it reshaped to better match to the symmetry of their face, Rhinoplasty in Punjab, popularly known as Nose Job or Nose Reshaping, is a procedure that aims to reshape the nose.


Most commonly patients like to improve the height of their nose, tip of the nose, or size of the nose through Rhinoplasty in Chandigarh. A detailed consultation with best plastic surgeon in Punjab is required before assessing the benefits that can be drawn with the procedure.

How to prepare for Nose Job in Punjab?
It is imperative to inform your cosmetic surgeon about any chronic medications if you are taking. The intake of medicines like aspirin might need to be ceased for a particular period of time to prepare  you for the surgery. Any allergies to medications should also be brought to the notice of staff at the cosmetic surgery center.

Where will the surgery be performed?
Rhinoplasty in Punjab can be performed on an outpatient basis at your choicest surgery center in Punjab. You will generally be admitted to the surgery center on the day of the surgery and discharged after a couple of the days.

What type of anesthetic will be used for the procedure?
Rhinoplasty in Punjab is performed under general anesthesia. You will be asleep during the procedure.

Is it a painful procedure?
Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and pain is carefully controlled with painkillers. Mild analgesics are used afterwards to seek benefit.

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Liposuction in Punjab

Liposuction in Punjab has changed the two decade old theory of people, that staying “chubby” is nice. Now a days trend is to stay slim and trim and keep fit. Best clinic, exercise tapes and Best doctor are seen everywhere, trying to help the people melt their extra fat away.

Over weight woman in underwear

Liposuction in Punjab is basically fat suctioning. It is neither a substitute for dieting nor a cure for obesity. Persons who have excessive localized fat in certain areas, get the best result from this procedure. After attaining the age of 18 years, number of fat cells in the body are fixed, so if they increase after that, they tend to grow in size, but not in number. Liposuction surgery in Punjabremoves those fat cells and then the fat does not come back to that particular area again, as there are no fat cells. Thus the fat loss is permanent.

Best doctor and Best clinic in combined have come up with best points about the procedure of Liposuction in Punjab:

  1. Virtually any area with localized unwanted fat can be treated by Liposuction surgery in Punjab.
  2. Even after diet, exercise and gym training, some areas fail to respond and shed off fat. Such areas are most effectively improved by Liposuction in chandigarh.
  3. 5 to 7 litres of fat can be sucked out in one go.
  4. Liposuction surgery in Punjabis not a weight reduction surgery but body reshaping surgery. More than the reduction of weight, it emphasizes on reduction of fat.
  5. This procedure is painless and doesn’t require over night hospitalization.
  6. Patients are relieved by the evening. They can even resume, normal light activity, the very next day.
  7. Whatever fat is removed does not come back in that region. Only adequate measures to avoid weight gain are required in the future.
  8. Like any other surgery, Liposuction surgery in Punjabalso carries some risks. Proper case selection and procedure is required. All such complications should be discussed with Best doctor during personal consultation.
  9. After the fat is removed, Liposuction surgery in Punjab maintains the tautness of the skin at the same time.
  10. Last but not the least, Liposuction in Punjabtargets only fatty tissues. Thus it spares the nerves, so no pain is felt during the surgery. It further spares the blood vessels, as a result, there is no bleeding. Even connective tissues are spared, so better skin retraction is there.

To sum it all, Liposuction surgery in Punjab is the easiest way of getting rid of unwanted fat in your body. Taunting comments like “Are you pregnant” or “You need to hit the gym, badly”, can be easily avoided by just an easy surgery.

Where Dieting and Exercising failes, Liposuction in Punjab prevails…

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Gynecomastia Surgery in Punjab : All you need to know

Gynecomastia in Punjab is basically referred to development of breast tissues in men. Hormonal changes in adolescents, sometimes develop breasts, known as physiological gynecomastia. Some subside on their own, but the one those persist, need to be treated surgically.

Gynecomastia or male breast reduction in Punjab is not only due to hormonal changes or disorders but liver failure, testicular failure, medication with steroids over an extended period, cimetidine digitals etc are also major reasons.


Unfortunately there is no nonsurgical treatment of Gynecomastia in Punjab. A good plastic surgeon at a reputable clinic can undergo Gynecomastia Surgery in Punjabwithout leaving any visible scars.

Gynecomastia in Punjabis basically required for particular set of candidates: A physically fit man can also be embarrassed with significant breasts ranging from mild, moderate and severe;

  1. Mild breasts have glandular structure, which are made up of fat and fibrous tissue without excessive skin.
  2. Moderate one consists of some extra skin and gland.
  3. Severehas excessive skin, which needs to be removed with the glands for satisfying results.

No amount of dieting or exercising succeeds in removing the particular fat which is easily removed by Gynecomastia Surgery in Punjab.

Gynecomastia Procedure in Punjabis generally performed under general anesthesia. If the breast gland is mostly fatty, it could be got rid of liposuction alone. This particular process, leaves no scars, apart from a few access ports of less than half a centimeter of size. A smooth and leveled chest is the eventual result in next 6 weeks when the excess skin contracts.

A small infra – areolar incision is made to remove breast tissues as far as more fibrous and modular breasts are concerned. Similar procedure is followed, if a nodule is left behind after liposuction.

After the completion of Gynecomastia Surgery in Punjab, wounds usually take 7 days to a fortnight to heal. A compression garment needs to be worn for a period of 6 weeks after the surgery. It allows the empty spaces to collapse, skin to retract and stick to the chest wall muscles.

A period of 3 – 6 weeks is usually taken for the bruising and swelling to subside. In case of excision, a tube will drain accumulated fluids from each side and a soft and comfortable dressing around chest will provide firm support. The tube will be removed, once drainage stops.

Most of the cases go back home the same evening with dressings applied over the chest wall.

Gynecomastia Procedure in Punjab is absolutely painless and is usually done under local or general anesthesia. Its results are very good and are permanent. No fatal complications are there because of Gynecomastia Surgery in Punjab.

Some of the correctable complications that might occur in small percentage of the cases are:

  1. Collection of blood requiring aspirations or drainage
  2. Mild skin irregularities
  3. Depression of nipple region
  4. Temporary loss of sensations over the nipples

Proper weight training can be resumed after 6 weeks of Male breast reduction in Punjab.

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Your Guide to – Smile Dimple Creation in Punjab

Smile Dimple Creation in Punjab is prepared under local anesthesia and is just a day case. The demand of the particular surgery is almost equal amongst both men and women. Actually whole lot of Dimple Creation Clinic in Punjab have been operating lately due to the heavy increase in demand of this particular surgery. The very presence of dimples usually suggest, good fortune and fertility but lately it is more viewed as a sign of cuteness or rather uniqueness. More over the smile is brightened and a character is added to it.


At any Dimple Creation Clinic in Punjab, this surgery is performed by attaching laughing muscle to dermis. For the surgery to be completely painless, local anesthesia is required. Usually single cheek, even both cheeks and sometimes even the chin are preferred areas for the surgery.

For dimple creation, a small painless incision is required to be made in the inside of the cheek. There would be no visible scar left on the outside of the cheek. In the beginning, after the surgery, a dimple would be present on the cheek, even without smiling. This could continue for several days or sometimes even few weeks. Afterwards, dimple is only present while smiling or moving the face.


During the entire process of Smile Dimple Creation in Chandigarh, patient is fully awake and comfortable. There are arrangements available for even sleeping during the surgery. The procedure is hardly for 30 minutes or so and the patient can go home, right away. Other than little bit of swelling and bruising, Smile Dimple Creation in Chandigarh has minimal complications. Few antibiotics are recommended by Dimple Creation Clinic in Punjab for a couple of days after the surgery.

If you are looking to add to cute dimples to your face with the short smile dimple creation procedure in Punjab, TIPS offers you with an excellent solution. To get in touch with our team of surgeons, you can call or watsapp at:
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All you wish to know about – Facelift in Punjab

Ageing can be depressing at times. Due to this, Best Facelift Clinic in Punjab have been opened in abundance to tackle this natural process. As the years advance, ageing signs become pretty evident on the face. Here Best Facelift Surgeon in Chandigarh is required to get the particular person out of depression, through the surgery, so that the ageing effects on the face could be reversed.


Facelift in Chandigarh might not be able to stop the ageing process but it can definitely improve the most visible signs of ageing. The options which are usually recommended by the Best Facelift Surgeon in Chandigarh are:

  1. Facelift in Chandigarh with liposuction or lipoinjection. Further liposuction could be for double chin as well as neck lift.
  2. Augmentation of softer tissues
  3. Facelift in Chandigarh could be further varied as:

(a). Mini facelift – Here the excessive skin is removed and tightened but no re-arranging is done on under lying tissues. Major benefits of this surgery are, it’s painless, no amount of swelling is there, time of recovery is minute and the cost involved is almost one-third of traditional facelift.

(b). Traditional facelift

(c). SMAS facelift – It basically concentrates on deeper underlying tissue.

(d). S lift facelift or a stitch lift

Agin Skin Signs

Some pain medications are recommended by the Best Facelift Clinic in Punjab as there can be some mild pain and discomfort after the surgery, for few days. Routine life could be begun around 2 weeks of surgery and heavy exercise after 6 weeks or so. ask a mexican Best Facelift Surgeon in Chandigarh would always advice to wear bandage on the face, which would be removed after a week along with the stitches.

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Liposuction in Punjab: Things To Know

Liposuction Punjab is exactly a cosmetic surgical procedure in which localized fat deposits are suctioned out of the body from specific areas. The major goal of best liposuction clinic in chandigarh is to reshape those particular areas of the body, that don’t react to exercising or controlled diet. When fat is stored for a pretty longer period, it stops reacting to workouts or dieting, here liposuction Punjabis successful in removing fat from that particular area.


If a patient is somewhere around the ideal weight of body, but has disproportionate localized deposits of fat, then liposuction Punjabis of immense benefit. Non smokers in general good health are best candidates for liposuction in chandigarh. If the patient has a good skin elasticity and muscle tone, then that’s an added bonus. Actually if significant amount of weight has already been lost and there is a lot of loose hanging skin, then liposuction Punjabmay worsen those problems further.

There is a myth that vaser liposuction in Punjab can take off 50-100 pounds that the patient has put on over the last 10 years or so, in one go. Fact is, a typical liposuction Punjabsurgery removes fat ranging from 1-10 pounds. new website names suggestions . But with increased safety risks, skin rippling and contour irregularities, larger amount of fat can be removed. Another known fact is that, liposuction Punjab doesn’t reduce cellulite.

Full health history is required before the surgery. Two weeks prior to the surgery, certain medications need to be started and few need to be avoided like aspirin, herbal supplement and many anti inflammatory drugs. Patients can return to work after just 2-3 days of surgery. Exercising needs to be avoided for atleast 2-3 weeks after the surgery. Guidelines can vary widely, based on the patient’s health. Any severe pain afterwards should be reported to your doctor.


The major reason for people opting for liposuction Punjab surgery is cosmetic.  Sometimes, your appearance after the surgery is not exactly what you had expected. Advertisements always highlight the positive sides, so the patient should always clear everything in brief, prior to the surgery. dns database . Sometimes results can be less dramatic than your expectations and this can result in further disappointment. Liposuction Punjab results may not be permanent, the fat can come back again, if the weight is gained after the  surgery. So adequate measures should be taken, for the control of weight.

Control of  weight leads to a more steady results of liposuction Punjab. All the related points are briefly discussed prior to the surgery. Results are permanent, only if adequate measures are religiously followed.

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Are you suffering from Gynecomastia in Punjab?

When a male breast is over-developed, that is exactly, what is referred to as gynecomastia in Punjab. It can occur to anybody, be it a baby or a teen boy and even older men can get succumbed to this. Basically, in a more refined form, gynecomastia in Punjabis, when there is swelling of breast tissues in boys or men, caused due to the imbalance of hormones. Normal changes in hormone levels in older men lead to the formation of gynecomastia and in the case of newborns or even boys, it can occur due to puberty. It can go on it’s own but if it persists and further if medications are of no help, then the only savior left is, male breast reduction surgery in Punjab.

There are whole lot of reasons, that cause gynecomastia in Punjab, major one being:

  1. In the case of newborn babies, major reason for the formation of gynecomastia is estrogen from the mother. This extends to about 6 months but can even last longer in some of the cases.
  2. Formation of estrogen producing tumor can be a cause of gynecomastia in preteen boys. Further hormonal changes can cause gynecomastia in teen boys. This can continue for a period lasting anywhere between 6 months to 2 years.
  3. As per as adult males are concerned, reasons could be many. Hormonal problems varying from cancer of glands to testules, overactive thyroid and liver or lung cancer could very well be the reason for the formation of gynecomastia.
  4. Drugs and alcohol could also lead to this.
  5. Use of medications such as anti anxiety or anti depression, should also be avoided.

Getting gynecomastia thoroughly checked by best gynecomastia surgeon in Punjabis very important. Not only the formation of gynecomastia steals away the confidence but there is a rare genetic condition, such as klinefelter syndrome, that sometimes is the reason for it’s formation. This could further increase the risk of development of breast cancer. So in order to avoid this situation, male breast surgery in Punjabshould be got checked, well in advance through the best gynecomastia surgeon in Punjab. Nothing is more important than self esteem, confidence and most importantly health.


Gynecomastia surgery in Punjabis extremely helpful in getting back to proper physical shape and further it provides a psychological advantage which is of immense help throughout the life. Formation of breasts in males, can be very embarrassing at times, so there’s no harm in opting for a minor surgery. Instead of losing confidence and shying from people or going for psychological sessions, best gynecomastia surgery in Punjabis a much better option. Keeping all this in mind, further fear of a possible formation of breast cancer could also be not ruled out. So consulting a gynecomastia surgeon in Punjabcould be of immense help both physically and psychologically.

Selection of best gynecomastia clinic in chandigarh is also very important before opting for the surgery. Consultation part should be done , well in advance. A good clinic will automatically provide  best gynecomastia surgeon in Punjab as well as latest techniques and equipments would be used there. Social media has made everything pretty easy, these days, so all the searching stuff is not that difficult.

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FUE Hair Transplant in Punjab : Top Myths Unleashed

FUE Hair transplant in Punjab is becoming day by day, a very serious and a successful industry. After crossing the age of 50 years, both men and women, have the tendency of losing hairs. The reasons can be many, though no specific reasoning for this is clear yet. With the non stop growth of the population, percentage of baldness has also increased, and as a result, FUE clinic in Punjabare also growing in numbers. When there is sudden growth, it’s pretty difficult to differentiate between facts and myths.


Let’s unleash some of the common myths related with FUE in Punjab:

  1. There is a very common myth amongst all of us, that women don’t yield good results from FUE in Punjab. Whereas the fact of the matter is, if carefully chosen, ladies can also achieve good results. This theory is true to the extent that evolving baldness in females is even more extensive than the males.
  2. Another myth doing the rounds is that the hair starts growing immediately after the surgery. On the contrary, fact is that after 3 weeks of surgery, most of the external hair falls and only the root grows. Final results are visible only after a period of 4-8 months.
  3. Hair can be normally combed, colored or styled after the initial period of  best FUE hair transplant in Punjab is over. It can be treated in the similar manner, as it used to be, before the surgery. Whereas the myth amongst people is that, after the surgery period, hair requires life long care. This could be easily discussed before the surgery, in any FUE clinic in Punjab.
  4. After a couple of days of the surgery, you can normally wash your hair with a shampoo. To avoid any infection, the head area needs to be cleaned regularly. To use a good shampoo, would be the best option for your scalp. Whereas the myth amongst people is that, you should never wash your hair after the transplant.
  5. People commonly discuss the amount of pain, during the surgery. This is another myth associated with FUE in Punjab. Actually local anesthesia is used during the surgery, which makes the surgery literally painless. Sometimes little amount of pain is involved, which can be easily tolerated. For extra precaution, during the surgery, added benefit of monitored sedative injection is also provided. This results in further lowering the pain.
  6. After a certain age, hair transplant in Punjab couldn’t be performed, this is another myth. Fact of the matter is, exact age for the surgery to be performed, is very hard to define. Usually 25-35 years is considered as the ideal age. Some rare cases are there at earlier ages too. This happens due to hereditary problem of extreme baldness. If even after the best FUE hair transplant in Punjab, hair still falls, then a repeat transplant is performed.

 These were the basic myths, related with FUE in Punjab, which needed to be unleashed.


TIPS in Chandigarh offers premium FUE in Punjab. With a combined experience of 3 decades, hair transplant surgeons at TIPS offer best in class services and results to all their patients. To know more, visit:


Selecting the right Gynecomastia Surgeon in Punjab : Important tips

Gynecomastia in Punjab is a kind of prevalent condition amongst men which could be described in easier words as, enlarged male breasts. This condition leads to, not only, physical discomfort but social anxiety, as well. Saving grace is that Best Gynecomastia Surgery in Punjab is not only readily available but is becoming more socially acceptable too.


Certain criteria should be considered before the selection of Gynecomastia Surgeon in Punjab:

  1. One must consider opting for a board certified surgeon. Which should include certain number of years of surgical training. Both the comprehensive as well as written examination should have been passed. The education should have been completed for sure and the graduation must be from an accredited medical school.
  2. The art of asking a lot of questions, should be mastered well before meeting the Gynecomastia Surgeon in Punjab. These set of questions must include:

(a). Effects of ageing on the results of the procedure.

(b). Exact number of reconstruction procedures, that have been performed, till now.

(c). The amount of risk that’s involved with the surgery? How will the risks and complications be handled during the surgery?

(d). For attaining best of results, what type of procedure should be followed?

(e). Before and after photos and testimonials should be thoroughly reviewed.

3. Normally, more than 1 type of reconstruction procedure is recommended by the Gynecomastia Surgeon in Punjab, so the options available must be considered before opting for the Best Gynecomastia Surgery in Punjab. The options should also be discussed further if the patient is dissatisfied with the outcome of the surgery.

4. Gynecomastia Surgeon in Punjab, who is selected to perform the surgery, should have thorough knowledge about the latest techniques and equipment that ensure optional results. Further the patient must ensure, that the concerned surgeon is fully associated with the best of Gynecomastia Clinic in Chandigarh.

5. Gynecomastia Surgeon in Punjab should be sure shot experienced enough to perform the Best Gynecomastia Surgery in Punjab. The surgeon should be well aware of the exact reconstruction procedure, that is required for the surgery.

6. Queries regarding the recovery period after the surgery, should also be thoroughly discussed. The kind of help required during the recovery, should be well clear in advance.

7. Most importantly, query regarding the Gynecomastia Clinic in Chandigarh should be discussed with the surgeon. Patient shall well in advance clear his mind regarding, where and how the Best Gynecomastia Surgery in Punjab will be performed.

8. Last but not the least, Gynecomastia Surgeon in Punjab, should adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Actually the exact decision to go for the Best Gynecomastia Surgery in Punjab is an extremely personal decision of the patient. Everything related to the Best male breast surgery in Punjab could be easily discussed with the Gynecomastia Surgeon in Punjab, which includes all the risks and the complications. A kind of consent form is signed by the patient in advance, to ensure that the procedure of undergoing the surgery, is fully understood.

TIPS in Chandigarh offers best gynecomastia surgery in Chandigarh. The expert physicians with three decades of combined experience are determined to provide the patients with excellent results for every procedure. To discover more, you can visit: